Monday, April 22, 2013

PERK UP YOUR SPRING STYLE (for under $100)

Spring has most definitely sprung around here, and while I know that the hot, muggy days of summer will be here before we know it, I'm soaking up all of this beautiful in-between weather while we have it!  Because Richmond's spring is generally pretty short, I'm not interested in spending a ton of money to build a huge spring wardrobe.  There are, however, some shortcuts to looking spring-appropriate that won't cost you a fortune.  Look-a-there...your closet AND your husband just perked up!

Upgrade Your Stripes
Left: Calvin Klein  Right: Pim + Larkin 
We probably all have lots of stripes at this point.  They are everywhere!  I haven't tired of mine yet, but I could use something with a little more to offer than a simple t-shirt.  This button-down style will smarten any outfit, even if you just wear it with the usual suspects (jeans and shorts).

Yes, you can wear pastel without looking like an Easter egg.  Maybe I'll do a whole post on that another day, but for now, just know that adding these traditional seasonal colors to your wardrobe in the form of a small accessory or two will make you feel perfectly spring-y.  Go head-to-toe pastel, if you dare!

White Jacket
A white blazer is an incredibly modern and versatile piece to add to your closet.  As I was thinking of examples of things you can wear it with, it occurred to me that there's very little you CAN'T wear it with.  For the sake of the doubters, try it with jeans, a little black dress, a pencil skirt or printed cropped trousers.  Or shorts.  Or a sundress.  

Bold Pink Lip
Red has been the "it" lip color for so long (with coral coming for a visit or two).  I appreciate those colors, but I have to say, I'm so glad pink is back!  Tickled pink, if you will.  (Will you?)  It's just the right color to accompany a barely-there makeup routine, which is my M.O., especially in the warmer weather.  It's also a great way to incorporate a bold color in your look, without the sometimes harsh effects of red.  

Will you try some of these spring style updates?  I would love to help you make all of these ideas part of your everyday routine.  If you want to know more about my personal styling services in Richmond, VA, I would love to hear from you.  Let's connect!

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  1. Joanna, just bought the Anthropologie necklace- it's on sale for $19.95 now! Love it! Thank you! Jenny