SORT the clothes you have. SHOP for the ones you don't. STYLE it all beautifully!

My styling sessions are customized to work with your interests, needs, and budget. If you don't see an option that aligns with your needs, I can create a tailored service just for you.

Client appointments are available on Tuesday - Thursday, between 8:15 and 3:00.  Let's connect to talk more about scheduling our time together.


Cost: $350

The WARDROBE REVIVAL is dedicated to an important step that is too often overlooked - an evaluation of your current wardrobe.  During this closet edit session, we will:
  • Assess your wardrobe needs, based on your lifestyle
  • Determine pieces that you should keep, toss, consign, and alter 
  • Create head-to-toe looks from items already in your closet
  • Discuss what you might need to fill holes in your existing wardrobe
After our time together, I will send you follow-up correspondence that includes:
  • Pictures of all of the looks from the Wardrobe Revival
  • A list of the items we pinpointed as missing from your wardrobe
  • Shopping links to 3 of those items

Cost: $250

Not in Richmond?  We can still work together via VIRTUAL STYLING!  I will ask you to create a list of your most pressing style questions, for example:
  • Are these pants worth altering, or should I donate/consign them?
  • I love this shirt, but can you help me use it to create a few outfits?
  • Which styles of jeans work best for my figure
  • Here are some pictures from fashion magazines of outfits I love.  Can you suggest some pieces to help me re-create the looks?
We will tackle these topics and more...virtually!  After our online session, I will send you follow-up correspondence that includes:
  • Notes about the questions you asked during the virtual styling session
  • A list of the items we pinpointed as missing from your wardrobe
  • Shopping links to 3 of those items
    (Local clients may also take advantage of this service.  Must have access to FaceTime or Skype.)


    Cost: $90/hour

    If, after the Wardrobe Revival or Virtual Styling Session, you need a little more direction, you may decide you'd like to use my PERSONAL SHOPPING service to procure pieces that will fill gaps in your current wardrobe.

    If you enjoy shopping and you have time, we will:
    • Explore the stores together to put together stunning ensembles  
    • Work as a team to make sure you understand how to shop more efficiently with amazing results 
    • Select stores that work with your personal style and your budget
    If you hate shopping (or have no time for it):
    • Send me out on your behalf to select items from local boutiques and department stores, in addition to online retailers.  
    • You will get the clothes delivered directly to your door.  
    • You keep the pieces that work for you, and I will return or exchange anything that doesn't.  It's as simple as that!
    Just need a few things?  I'll shop for your:
    • Seasonal updates
    • Special occasion outfits
    • Maternity styles
    • Hard-to-find items
    • More of the items that already define you. 

    Cost: $200

    This package is perfect for a client looking for a "personal shopping lite" experience after the Wardrobe Revival or Virtual Styling Session.  I will create a CUSTOM PINTEREST BOARD full of links to pieces that will work with and/or fill holes in your current wardrobe, along with some inspirational head-to-toe looks.  At your leisure, you can decide which pieces you'll order online, and which ones you'll save for another day.  Hassle-free shopping at its best!


    Cost: Any amount!

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for any occasion, I offer GIFT CERTIFICATES for all services or in any dollar amount.  If you need help deciding which service or services would best suit the recipient, let's connect.