"Joanna is a delight to partner with and a wealth of good knowledge and ideas of how to look great for any occasion. I worked with Joanna to coordinate my existing wardrobe with several new purchases to cover 19 events over a 4-month time frame, including several black tie events. She met my budget criteria, did lots of advance legwork and provided fast turn-around with ideas for additional accessories. I look forward to working with Joanna again in the future!"
-Kathie C. 

"Joanna has fabulous style which is apparent when you meet her in person. She also understands how style needs to vary depending on a woman's profession and day to day life. I was preparing to start a job at a new firm when I found out I was pregnant. Joanna told me exactly what I needed to buy to have a complete maternity wardrobe that allowed me to feel polished and profesisonal during that crucial first few months on the job. She also went through my entire closet - taking photos of outfits I never knew I had - and pointed out the gaps so I could fill in my wardobe with pieces that were versatile staples. If you are fashion-challenged like me, meeting with Jo is a transformative experience and definitely good for the career!! I can't wait to lose the baby weight so she can shop for me. :) "
-Laura M. 

"Joanna was enthusiastic and full of energy the day she went through my very sad closet. She shopped the closet to select items to mix and match that I had never thought of! Very impressed w/her combinations of clothes and accessory ideas. She's my secret weapon to looking stylish and relevant as a 50 y.o. mom. Will use her again. Thanks Joanna!!"
-Shirley B. 

"As a senior, dealing with the changes in my body shape, as well as age appropriateness, I have very little confidence in my judgement when it comes to a stylish, functional wardrobe. I have pretty much played it safe with neutral colors and shapeless clothes. Joanna helped me to challenge my existing wardrobe, putting together outfits, with accessories, that I never would have envisioned. I think what I valued the most was that Joanna actually went shopping for me, I do not enjoy shopping, so it was wonderful to have someone do it for me. After meeting with me and getting a sense of what my needs were, as well as what would work for me, she was able to present me with a great summer wardrobe. Joanna is a treasure."
-Margo S. 

"Shortly after reaching a weight-loss goal, I had the pleasure of connecting with Joanna for a wardrobe revival and a shopping trip. Joanna spent time carefully assessing some of my most favorite pieces and helped me build outfits from those existing favorites. From accessory pairings to some new mix-and-match ideas, I was able to better utilize things I already owned. From there, we spent an afternoon shopping together and selecting some new pieces that would complement those already in my closet. Throughout our time together, Joanna was conscious of my budget, noting that I was on a trajectory to meet another weight-loss goal and I needed to be fashionable but frugal with some of my new selections. After just a few hours together, I not only had a new wardrobe, but a greater level of confidence about my look."
-Alison G. 

"Joanna has been a major influence on my personal style for years. She is adept at many areas of fashion - finding unusual pieces to set you apart from the crowd, putting together eye-catching outfits that demand compliments, and helping you develop your own comprehensive personal style. After working with Joanna, you will begin to think 'WWJD' (what would Joanna do?) when shopping. Thank goodness for modern technology, so I can now quickly send her pictures of shoes, handbags, or jackets before making purchases. She is always respectful and honest with her advice. She is comfortable working within any budget, and is at ease shopping anywhere from Francesca's to upscale boutiques and department stores. Most recently, she assisted me in shopping for head-to-toe look for my high school reunion. Cool under pressure, Joanna showed me options for dresses, shoes, handbags, and jewelry in different price ranges. She chose things that I would have never thought of, but absolutely loved! I will continue to use Joanna as long as she continues to share her amazing talent."
-Jenny K.

"I met with Joanna for a 'Wardrobe Revival' and had an exceptional experience. She was professional, knowledgeable, patient and respectful. She quickly understood my desire to better understand my current wardrobe and taught me how I could make my outfits look cooler and classier, but still appropriate for my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. We not only talked through my current style and goals, but we also put together more than 20 outfits from the clothes already in my closet, and she created a lookbook for my future reference. I would highly recommend Joanna, especially if you are looking for help understanding what to do with the things you already have in your closet to make better use of your clothes, your accessories, and your time."
-Jodi S.

In a follow-up email, Jodi wrote: "My mother and I went outlet shopping this weekend, and I was very successful! I actually went in stores I wouldn't normally go in and was able to fill some of the gaps you identified in my wardrobe. I think my mom (my toughest critic) wants to write a testimonial - she's impressed with what you've taught me and how you've inspired me! Thanks a million times!"

"Dressing my new maternity bod was a challenge. I've always been curvy but being pregnant made me especially so and I was feeling really frumpy at a time that I wanted to feel great (because that's how I felt on the inside!). Jo did a fabulous job scouting out the chicest maternity resources for me - I had no idea where to look. I also had a long list of self-induced 'don'ts' and she listened to all of my constraints and picked pieces that I would feel comfortable in. I highly recommend working with Joanna if you're trying to dress a baby bump or post-baby...both are times when dressing can be a little more challenging than usual. Thanks, Joanna!"
-Daniela S.