Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The snow and record-breaking temperatures in Richmond this week have shown me that heavy coats are going to be a staple for a while.  We'll warm up a little from time to time, but for the most part, we will be out and about, showing off our wool-wear until Spring decides to spring.

By now, y'all know that cold weather isn't my favorite.  Sure, I don't like being cold to my core, but it's not just that.  You probably also know that I LOVE CLOTHES!!!  And I don't particularly like hiding behind a big ol' puffer coat for months on end.  I do, of course, own a slightly puffy jacket for very casual times, but I like to show a bit of style, even when all you can see is my outerwear.  I've rounded up some cold-weather coats that aren't boring, basic, or the least bit 'bominable (snowman).

If you're looking for something classic that will work for any occasion, from running errands to a night on the town, here are a couple of camel options:

Uniqlo Wool Blend Tailored Coat
Verdalina - Evam Eva Angora Wool Coat

Another totally classic, never going out of style workhorse is a simple black peacoat:

Macy's - Calvin Klein Wool Cashmere Peacoat

Perhaps you want to take a bit of a fashion risk and try a more trendy style!  I was super excited to receive this updated twist on a classic black coat from Tobi, and I'm so glad the temperatures are above freezing (finally) so that I can wear it again:

Tobi - Madison Avenue Wool Cocoon Coat

There's no reason you have to stick to black or camel, though, especially when there are so many beautiful colors and patterns to be had!

Colorful Coats
1 Pendleton Hillsdale Coat // 2 J.Crew Zippered Coat // 3 Land's End Luxe Wool Car Coat // 4 Miu Miu Wool-Crepe Coat

And don't think that all cute coats are new coats!  Make sure to take a peek around your local vintage, consignment, and thrift stores for beautiful coats at great prices!  I found this wool plaid number at Indigo Avenue consignment, here in RVA:

It's nice to have the opportunity to consider fashion in these frigid temperatures.  Many people don't have that luxury, and many don't have a coat at all.  When you're updating your wardrobe or thrifting for a "new" coat, please consider donating an old one (or buying an extra to donate) to a local shelter or charity.  I know that Housing Families First is always accepting gently worn coats of all sizes, and Goodwill is always an option.  If you're in Richmond, and you'd like to donate coats, but you can't find the time, let me know.  I'll swing by and pick them up for donation.  

Stay warm!

As a personal stylist and personal shopper in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Happy 2017!  I hope everyone enjoyed a little break and some holiday festivities.  Now it's back to the grindstone, but that doesn't mean that all festive-ness has to disappear!!  Last year I talked about ways to wear your sequins and sparkle beyond the holidays, so go take a look at that post before you pack up your bling.  But sequins aren't the only things that people often disregard from January to November.  Another material that's sometimes considered "holiday attire" is VELVET (my fave).


As you've probably figured out, velvet (the fabric, not Jones) is having a huge moment right now, and I'm totally ok with that.  It's soft and cuddly, but it's also luxe and eye-catching.  Velvet is a very forgiving material, hiding lots of flaws.  When it catches the light, it can look almost iridescent, and its drape makes it feel totally effortless.  With all of this amazing, velvety perfection, why in the world would you pack it away after only a month of wearing it?  You wouldn't!!  Or, you won't now, will you?  Keep it front and center in your closet until it's just too hot to consider.

If you're a "velvet newbie," you might want to consider starting with a jacket.  It's so versatile -- you can dress it up or down, make it a little bohemian or keep it classic.  You could always go with black, but I dare you to branch out and try something more vibrant, like this gorgeous green one that the kind folks at Tobi sent me.

Tobi Ivy Velvet Boyfriend Blazer (and my sweet friend, Emily)

I dressed it up a bit here for our Christmas party with a silky black top, black pants, and a couple of sparkly statement necklaces, but it's just as easy to dress down.

If you don't have a flamingo shirt (why not?), the jacket speaks volumes on its own.  A simple white or gray tee, jeans, and sneakers would be perfect!  

But velvet doesn't stop at jackets.  Here are just a handful of my favorites.

Romwe - High/Low Velvet T-shirt

Kate Spade - Claudia Flats

Anthropologie - Velvet Tunic Dress

Steve Madden - Bertie-V Sneaker

And best for last!!

Ulla Johnson - Sephare Jumpsuit (I'm dying!!)

Do you have any velvet in your closet?  How will you wear it in 2017?

As a personal stylist and personal shopper in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dress: Verdalina
Rings: Carrera's Jewelers
Bracelets: Brittanny Chanel Jewelry

Have I mentioned that I enjoy shopping?  I love shopping for clients, for myself, for my kids, for things I need, things I don't need.  Oh, and I do love a sale.  Patting myself on the back over here thinking of all the money I've "saved" over the years.  That's a whole lotta savings!  I get particularly excited about shopping during the holidays.  In addition to the nostalgia, I love having an excuse to try out new shops, new makers, and new products all in the name of giving!

You all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you've probably heard whisperings of what is an increasingly popular date in between the two...Small Business Saturday.  (It's THIS weekend, 11/26!)  Started in 2010 by American Express to show support for small businesses that play an important role in the economy, Small Business Saturday is quickly gaining recognition!  Fundera, an organization whose mission is to get small business owners the capital they need to grow, has written a great blog post about Small Business Saturday, what it means to the economy, and why small businesses should participate.  Take a look!

Jacket: Nellie George

As a personal shopper, I support and shop with a lot of small businesses near and far, but this week, I am taking the opportunity to recognize some Richmond businesses--mostly fashion-related--that I've frequented during my time as a Richmonder.  Last week, I met up with Sandy Jones from Sass and Frass Photography for a quick photo shoot.  I decided to make the shoot Small Business Saturday-friendly by incorporating as many local pieces as possible into just a couple of outfits.

Shoes: Clementine

Wrap: Rosewood Clothing Co.
Boots: Eurotrash

Necklace: Liberatus Jewelry

Necklace: Fabrik (Carytown)

Vest: Sweetest Stitch
Necklace: Firefly Lane Boutique
(All photography by Sandy Jones of Sass and Frass Photography)

Again, I only had a couple of outfit changes, so I couldn't fit all of my favorites in this shoot.  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you won't be surprised at all by the following list of other favorite local shopping spots.  Click through, why don'tcha, and go ahead and figure out which ones you'll hit this weekend!

One final small business I want to shout about is The Real Life Beauty, a local salon where you can get your hairs did, get your wax on, and put your face on.  Owner, Emily Hudspeth Greenwald, is a beauty genius and will have you looking perfect for a special occasion or for everyday!  Take a look at her special "Beauty School Drop In" package...a holiday gift any girlfriend would be thrilled to receive.  And it would pair perfectly with a gift certificate for a Wardrobe Revival;)  Start hinting to husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends, grandparents... immediately!

After you finish all of your local shopping on Small Business Saturday, take a peek at my Instagram.  I might have a little somethin' somethin' for you, too!

As a personal stylist and personal shopper in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!