Monday, June 3, 2013


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I am a woman on a mission!  I am not generally a person who keeps things well organized.  Since kids have come into the picture, I have become more sensitive to (and bothered by) clutter, but it overwhelms me, and I dismiss it until the day I can no longer handle it.  That day is today.  I made a list a mile long of projects, big and small, to improve, de-clutter, and organize my home and my life.  I hope to accomplish it all this summer, so now I need to make some deadlines for myself.

I have already started working in my room, mainly in my closet and my jewelry drawer.  I'm pretty good about going through my clothes each season to get rid of things that no longer work for me (mostly because my closet is small, and I need space for all of my new goodies).  But my storage and organizing strategies always need improvement.

Based on my own project, I will post a tip each day this week with ideas for making sense of your closet.  Some of these are ideas I've already implemented in my own room.  Others are things I'd like to try.  They all seem to be solid improvements on the usual state of my wardrobe.  Just think what you can accomplish by the weekend!  Pinterest will be jealous.


Buy velvet hangers.  These are also called "huggable hangers."  Make sure they are all the same color and size.  Get rid of every other hanger you own (except for some nice wooden ones for coats in your front closet).  You will save space, make your closet more visually appealing, and avoid having all of your clothes fall on the floor.  You can also buy coordinating "clips" to attach for hanging skirts.  (Tip:  Most dry cleaners will recycle your wire hangers, and other types that are in good shape can be donated to a Goodwill shop.)

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Do you need help determining what to keep on these hangers and what to toss?  I would love to help you with a Wardrobe Revival!  If you want to know more about my personal styling services in Richmond, VA, I would love to hear from you.  Let's connect!

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