Monday, August 12, 2013


I mentioned recently that it was too hot to discuss fall clothing, and it still is.  But, the stores and magazines aren't giving us any choice, are they?  It's true that it's probably time to start working on a wardrobe that can move you into cooler weather.  That doesn't mean, though, that you have to pack all of your cute dresses and florals away until next year.  Here are some ways to keep wearing your summer favorites into the fall.

1.  White.  Let's get the controversial one out of the way first.  I don't believe in the "no white after Labor Day" rule.  If you are a rule follower, you may skip to #2.  If you want to rebel in style, keep those white jeans and sweaters and jackets out.  As long as it is a fall-appropriate material (no linen, for example), you can always pair it with darker colors, heavier fabrics, and different shoes to work beautifully in cooler temperatures.

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2.  Wear a scarf.  You'll be surprised at how a scarf can change the look of a whole outfit.  Try some in fun fall patterns and colors with some of your more summer-y outfits, and say "Sayonara, August!"

Madewell Printcode Scarf

3.  Add a cardigan and tights.  If you're not ready to stop wearing your pretty sleeveless dresses, just add a cardigan (I love these from J.Crew), and swap out your bare legs and sandals for tights and cute pumps or boots.  Why don't you try pulling a sweater on over the dress?  Just like that, you have a new skirt!

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4.  Denim jacket.  There may be no other item of clothing as versatile as a denim jacket.  Like a cardigan, try putting a denim jacket on with your summery dresses (and skirts and short and pants and...).  You'll be warmer, super-cute, and ready for the chilly days.  FYI - do the same thing with a tweed blazer, or try a leather jacket to add a little edge!

5.  Show your gams.  Just because the calendar says it's autumn, you're not obligated to cover your legs with tights and pants.  If you're wearing a skirt in a slightly heavy material and fall-ish shoes, it's totally fine to bare your legs.  And to be honest, if it's 90 degrees, I don't much care what the calendar says.  I'll be in shorts and sandals, and I won't apologize to Emily Post.

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