Thursday, November 14, 2013


If you've known me for more than 5 minutes, you know that I'm not a big DIY girl.  I love DIY people. I wish I were a DIY person.  Sadly, I lack the patience or creativity necessary to DI…M(?).  As you all know, Pinterest will drive a woman crazy, if she's inclined to try all of the zillions of holiday DIY projects pinned each day.  Luckily, since I don't have that inclination, I smile at it, think about how cute it is, know that I'll never do it, and move along.

There is, however, the occasional project that I think maybe I can pull off, and I've seen some recently that I might try this Christmas.  Please do not laugh at my choices.  I know they're elementary.  (Baby steps.)

Mason Jar Snow Globes - image via Country Living
That can't be hard, right?  They don't give step-by-step instructions, so I almost glossed right over it, but I guess I can figure it out.  If not, maybe my kids will figure it out.  They usually figure stuff out before I do, anyway.

Wreath Alternative - image via Real Simple
Big ornaments?  Check.  Pretty ribbon?  Check.  Door?  Check.  Done.

Lovely Table Decor - image via House of Smiths
This one is a little more complex, as it involves spray paint, but it is so lovely.  Shelley Smith has the most creative and gorgeous ideas.  She has put some ornaments and baubles in the glass jars, but being a candy fiend, I might fill some with jawbreakers and gum balls!

Colorful Holiday Garland - image via ReMade Simple
These little festive garlands are kid-friendly for a couple of reasons.  First, they won't break.  Second, the kids can actually make them (though my 5-year-old will need some help with the needle).  This is a definite family project for the Avant Scrooge-less Christmas 2013!

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees - image via PinCookie
You have probably seen some version of this idea floating around Pinterest.  I think it's fantastic, easy, fun, and delicious, so we will do it!

Now, here is an idea that I will definitely NOT be doing.
Advent Calendar - image via Real Simple
If you're a DIY person, you would probably look at this and think, "Oh, isn't that cute?  The kids will love it!  I'll get started right away."  My thoughts go a little something like this: "That's so cute!  What are those things?  Are those like mini paint cans?  Where/when am I going to find 25 mini paint cans?  And why are they all white?  Is that construction paper?  Ugh.  If I did it, I'd use a Sharpie to put the numbers on the cans.  And then Brooks would knock down the whole thing.  Every day in December.  I saw a cute Advent Calendar in Target."

Are you a DIY person, or would you rather take the easy way out, like me?


  1. Hi Joanna! The garland is really easy to make-use a plastic needle and the kids will do great! Thanks for sharing my work! Kristina

    1. We made the garlands yesterday, Kristina! They were so fun and easy, and they'll look cute on the tree--or wherever they end up. Yay…I'm a DIY girl, after all!