Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all have that lovin' feeling and that you're ready to celebrate -- with your significant other or with friends!  My husband and I rarely go out on Friday nights.  The end of the week makes everyone tired, and we're generally all ready to put on PJ's and spend the evening in.  We will celebrate by going out to dinner tomorrow night.  I have no idea what I'm wearing yet, but I will abide by a few of my own rules for dressing for Valentine's Day.

Rule #1 - Wear a little bit of red or pink.  Not necessarily head to toe, but I do like to incorporate the colors of love in my ensemble.  Maybe a cute pair of shoes or a clutch.

Pour La Victoire

Rule #2 - Find the line between festive and trashy, and steer waaaay clear of it in the direction of festive.  It seems like I see a lot of women going in the wrong direction on Valentine's Day.  I wonder why.  Maybe it's because they tend to run out at the last minute and buy a dress for the occasion?  Or maybe I'm seeing single gals dressing in hopes of picking up a valentine?  Or maybe people are just feeling frisky?  I don't know, but none of those is a good enough reason to go tacky.  Stay classy in something flattering but fun, and keep the skimp underneath!

Diane Von Furstenberg - CLASSY!

Rule #3 - Wear minimal jewelry, because you need to save room for the bling that your loved one will gift you at dinner.  (A girl can cross her fingers, can't she?)

Workhorse Jewelry

Will you go out to celebrate?  If so, send me a picture of your outfit so that I can gather some inspiration for my own!  WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?

I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!

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