Friday, February 28, 2014


Artwork by Illustrations a la Mode on Etsy

Spring is approaching, and with it comes weddings, showers, and fundraising events.  Many women (including me) make a lot of mistakes when shopping for outfits for these special occasions.  A big one is to head straight from the gym to the store to try on dresses.  First of all, that's gross.  But more importantly, it's impossible to know how something will look on you if you have your hair pulled back in a sweaty ponytail, wearing athletic socks and no makeup.

Artwork by NB Illustrations on Etsy

I know that life is busy, but before you start shopping for nice things, take a minute to pull yourself together.  Fix your hair, put on a little makeup.  Maybe even take a pair of heels along with you to get the overall effect of an outfit.

If you're shopping online, order several things from places with easy (free) return policies, and pretend that your room is the boutique dressing room.  Don't go directly from PJ's to formalwear.

Artwork by Parima Creative Studio on Etsy

You may even find that you can wear the same dress to multiple events, changing up only the accessories or shoes.  You might have to block off some time on your calendar to do it, but I guarantee you'll save time and money if you get it right the first time.  We can all use more time and money!

Don't forget to check out the gorgeous artwork featured in this post.  Lots of talent on Etsy!!  Happy Friday.

I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!

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