Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Fashion trends are changing at lightning speed these days.  It seems like when I finally get on board with a trend (and when it finally makes its way to mainstream price points), it's no longer trendy!  More and more, though, retail stores like H&M, Zara, and even Target are making it easier to try the "iffy" trends on the cheap -- but at what cost?

We know that the working conditions for so many garment factories, especially in Asia, are horrendous.  To boot, the quick cycle of poorly made pieces leads to lots of toss-outs that are hogging space in our landfills.

Limited Edition Tote, The Podolls

 The "slow fashion" movement is making a huge buzz in the fashion world right now, and I'm taking note.  I'm not going all preachy on you, here.  I'm definitely not saying that I'll never shop at a big retail chain or department store again (I dare you to stand between me and Nordstrom!).  But, I am seeking more clothing and accessories from eco-friendly and socially responsible companies that promote sustainability.  By doing so, I actually find it easier to define my style, because these types of companies generally aren't shoving the "must haves" down my throat.  They are, instead, focusing on well-made, quality, beautiful pieces that are made ethically and will last as long as you take care of them.  It's true that these goods sometimes come at a higher cost, but…see the previous sentence.  And there's always slow fashion in the form of second-hand shopping, which can save you big bucks!

Slow Fashion Jumper - People Tree

Be on the lookout for more posts highlighting brands of integrity (those selling goods made in the USA, promoting fair wages and fair hiring practices, selling clothing made of eco-friendly materials, or companies donating a portion of proceeds to a good cause).

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