Monday, November 17, 2014


The times are changing.  When I was going through the bridesmaid circuit 10-15 years ago, bridesmaid dress shopping went a little something like this:

1.  Show up at David's Bridal.
2.  Tell bride which ones you like best.
3.  Wear the dress the bride chose (not even in your top 20).
4.  Take dress to Goodwill.  (I never, ever, ever wore a bridesmaid dress more than once, despite every bride telling me that she was picking one we could all wear again.*)

Sure, Brooke Shields from Suddenly Susan
you'll wear this ALL the time!

I haven't been a bridesmaid for a long time, but I have friends and clients who are in the midst of wedding planning, so it's back on my radar.  It's amazing how different things are these days!  The Internet...Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…provides infinite options for brides.  

The best news, though, is for the bridesmaids, who really MIGHT wear their dresses again!!  There are so many places to find lovely, stylish dresses for your wedding party!  One such place is Weddington Way, an online bridal boutique with a huge selection of dresses and accessories for bridal parties.  Their November Style Challenge is to give one of their bridesmaid dresses a life beyond the aisle, by styling it for something other than a wedding, so I decided to give it a go!  Here's their Alfred Sung fit and flare dress in navy, ready for a Spring wedding:

And here it is again, styled for a holiday cocktail holiday party:

Brides-to-be, take note:  Navy is gorgeous!  Do it!  It works in all seasons, looks good on almost all complexions, and is a versatile color that people don't equate with stereotypical bridesmaid dresses.  I love it paired with black and a little sparkle for a cocktail party.  It looks elegant and on-trend, and it's the perfect way to re-use that dress…for real!!  Take a look at all of their other great bridesmaid dress options here.

*In fairness, I must state that my sister borrowed the dress I wore in my friend, Doris's, wedding for a cocktail party.  It really was a pretty dress.  

As a personal stylist in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect! 


  1. Thanks a ton dear for these bridesmaid dress inspirations. I am also going to be bridesmaid for first time in my sister’s wedding. I want to look glorious on this day. I was busy in finding affordable LA venues but now we have booked the venue so I can concentrate on my outfit.