Thursday, August 27, 2015


It's not news that fashion is cyclical.  We all know that in the ever-evolving fashion world, trends come and go and come and go again.  For some of these comeback trends, I say a hearty "hallelujah!"  Thank you, world, for acknowledging that bootcut jeans are really, really good.  Plaid flannel shirts?  Can't think of a cozier something to throw on with my bootcuts.  I made an argument just last night for the fanny pack, when my purse felt too cumbersome at the baseball game.  But, for the life of me, I can't figure out the reason behind the return of the "mom jeans."

Oh, you know the ones.  Generally a light wash; fitted at the waist; 100% cotton; tapered leg; make you look like you have the world's longest, flattest ass.  Yep, they're back.  I think Tina Fey actually coined the phrase and brought it to light in the famous 2003 Saturday Night Live ad we've all laughed at a thousand times.

Let me set the record straight here by telling you that I am ALL FOR stepping away from the super-low rise jeans of yesteryear.  I'm so happy that I can squat (well, if it weren't for my bum knees) without showing the world my plumber side.  While I find something with a bit of stretch to be most comfortable, I understand that lots of people don't look or feel great in skin-tight skinny jeans.  I can even understand the desire to show off one's tiny waist.  As a stylist, though, I can think of multiple ways to accomplish all of those goals without the long, flat ass effect.

KUT from the Kloth 8" rise bootcut jeans, available at Zappos (not skin-tight, not low cut, and NOT MOM JEANS)

I wonder why they're back en vogue.  Some may say it's the fashion industry's way of making some cold, hard cash.  ("Well, everyone has skinny jeans now.  We need to promote something NO ONE has.  What dreadful fad can we dredge from the depths of hell and convince people it's super-chic?")  Some may say it was one group of people trying to express individuality and unique personal style, and it just happened to catch on.  There's also the idea that, along the lines of the recent normcore trend,  it's "hipster irony."  If it's not, those hipsters sure are missing a great opportunity!

I've learned to never say never when it comes to fashion trends I'll try (again).  I said "no way" to the re-emergence of Birkenstocks, but I feel myself wavering daily (did you know they have metallic ones??)  Truly, though, mom jeans are just so incredibly unflattering on everyone.   Buy some bootcuts or flares.  Try jeans with a higher, more comfortable rise.  Have at it with a looser boyfriend fit.  But please, just be an onlooker as this fad comes and goes...hopefully sooner rather than later.

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