Friday, August 7, 2015


Admit it!  You see all those celebs with their Chanel and Celine bags, and you sort of like them.  You do.  For a second, you wish that your lifestyle allowed you to run around town carrying your hip Alexander McQueen clutch.  But for most of us, that's just not life.  Even if we could justify the expense, most days consist of throwing lunch in our bags and tossing them under the desk at work--or wiping baby drool and Diet Coke off the straps.   Not fancy.

I just happened upon a company that will allow little ol' me to be the grocery store!  My Other Bag is an LA-based company that makes designer bag-inspired canvas totes, suitable for produce, sticky hands, and all!

They are designed and made in California, which is another great reason to support the company.  But it's not just us regular folk toting these around town.  Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and January Jones are just a sampling of celebrities spotted with them.  See?  We CAN carry celeb "it" bags!

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