Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm a model.  Isn't it obvious?  No?  Well, nevertheless, I was thrilled when Caroline Berggman of Posh PR asked me to model in a pop-up fashion show as part of Stony Point Fashion Park's community outreach.  This show, which was held at the Country Club of Virginia, was just one in a series of shows modeling the latest fashions and trends from Stony Point's retail stores.  The looks featured at this particular show were from Cynthia Steele, Tiffany and Co., and Anthropologie.  I got to wear this gorgeous Anthro party dress!

While I wanted to tackle all of the models and steal their looks, there was one look, in particular, that caught my eye.  The Garden Glimmer Skirt (sold out for now):

Paired with the Artio Faux-Fur Vest (now on sale, of course):

I really love the back of this vest, which sets it apart from so many fur vests we're seeing this year.  I felt like this look was youthful, but age-appropriate, and it just felt like "me."  So...

I got it!  I had tried the vest a couple of times, but I never wanted to take the plunge.  Paired with this skirt (and knowing I could use it for a ton of other looks), I decided it was worth it.  The skirt, thankfully, was part of Anthropologie's big post-Christmas sale.  They had one left in the Stony Point store, in my size!  The colors and material make it a year-round skirt, and I'm already thinking of ways I can wear it when the weather warms up.

I really love this whole look, but I need your help.  Do you like it better with the black sweater untucked (like above), or tucked in?

Let me know in the comments below.

As a personal stylist in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect!  


  1. Such a great mix! I love the two textures and styles coming together. It's so hard to decide... they both look so good!
    Tucked in, the top and skirt look like one piece. Maybe loosely tucked in?

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