Wednesday, January 27, 2016


January is almost over, which means we officially need to stop saying "happy new year" to everyone we see.  It's kind of a bummer, because I really enjoy the beginning of a new year--a fresh start and a positive outlook.  But you know what's NOT a bummer?  You don't have to pack away your sequins!!

You might think that because all of the holiday festivities are over, you need to put your bling away until the next go 'round, but as is the case with your little black dress, you can keep on wearing it.  Let me prove it.

This look is a little dressy, appropriate for a fancy dinner with friends or date night.  But there's no reason it has to hang sadly in your closet waiting for a cocktail party or NYE bash.  Keep it simple with a black sweater and some plain black pumps.

If you didn't jump on the sequin pants bandwagon in 2015, go for it now.  They'll all be on sale!

You could also keep it totally casual with some distressed boyfriend jeans.

Casual jeans, casual ankle boots, casual clutch, and I added a fun cocktail ring, just because.

And finally, if you're not a big sequin gal, you can still add a little sparkle to your look by wearing something with a little bit of sheen or metallic.  I wore these pants to my father-in-law's retirement party over the weekend.  It's hard to see the metallic thread running through them in this picture, but it's there.  And I'll continue to wear them into the spring!

Have I convinced you?  Will you shine the whole year through?

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  1. My fav is the sequin top with blazer and jeans. So fresh! I do love those sequin pants, you are looking hot, hot, hot mama!

    1. Thanks, lady! That jeans look is so's a definite favorite:)

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