Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Happy 2017!  I hope everyone enjoyed a little break and some holiday festivities.  Now it's back to the grindstone, but that doesn't mean that all festive-ness has to disappear!!  Last year I talked about ways to wear your sequins and sparkle beyond the holidays, so go take a look at that post before you pack up your bling.  But sequins aren't the only things that people often disregard from January to November.  Another material that's sometimes considered "holiday attire" is VELVET (my fave).


As you've probably figured out, velvet (the fabric, not Jones) is having a huge moment right now, and I'm totally ok with that.  It's soft and cuddly, but it's also luxe and eye-catching.  Velvet is a very forgiving material, hiding lots of flaws.  When it catches the light, it can look almost iridescent, and its drape makes it feel totally effortless.  With all of this amazing, velvety perfection, why in the world would you pack it away after only a month of wearing it?  You wouldn't!!  Or, you won't now, will you?  Keep it front and center in your closet until it's just too hot to consider.

If you're a "velvet newbie," you might want to consider starting with a jacket.  It's so versatile -- you can dress it up or down, make it a little bohemian or keep it classic.  You could always go with black, but I dare you to branch out and try something more vibrant, like this gorgeous green one that the kind folks at Tobi sent me.

Tobi Ivy Velvet Boyfriend Blazer (and my sweet friend, Emily)

I dressed it up a bit here for our Christmas party with a silky black top, black pants, and a couple of sparkly statement necklaces, but it's just as easy to dress down.

If you don't have a flamingo shirt (why not?), the jacket speaks volumes on its own.  A simple white or gray tee, jeans, and sneakers would be perfect!  

But velvet doesn't stop at jackets.  Here are just a handful of my favorites.

Romwe - High/Low Velvet T-shirt

Kate Spade - Claudia Flats

Anthropologie - Velvet Tunic Dress

Steve Madden - Bertie-V Sneaker

Do you have any velvet in your closet?  How will you wear it in 2017?

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