Friday, July 19, 2013


Every July, my extended family meets at the beach in South Carolina for a weeklong gathering, complete with the world's best pimiento cheese, Wii tournaments, plenty of pool/beach time, and lots of little cousins running wild.  It is a BLAST!!  We are planning to leave tomorrow, but because this is how my life goes, my son was running a pretty high fever tonight.  Of course.  So, we'll keep an eye on that, but we'll get to the beach, come hell or high water.  (Feed a cold, beach a fever??)

I've mentioned that I am particularly fond of sitting near the water in my cover-up and watching the kids swim, but I'm definitely on board for some splashing around from time to time.  Here are the bathings suits I will be splashing in:

J.Crew Arrowhead Ikat Bikini (picture via The Lime Tree Bower)

J.Crew Mini-Pineapple Bikini

Seafolly Goddess Boyleg Maillot (picture via Sinuous Magazine)

And, there you have it.  Have a lovely weekend, and try to stay cool!

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