Wednesday, October 16, 2013


With the exception of a couple of hours, it's been pretty rainy and gloomy in Richmond for the past week.  The weather was starting to bring me down, not only for the usual dreary, lazy reasons, but also because I got tired of my jeans/old Target rain boots/giant REI parka ensemble.  I was NOT the epitome of style in the rain.  I think we'll be dry for a while now, but when the rain returns (and it will), I'd like to be a little more prepared with some cute rain gear.  

I've rounded up some rain boots and coats that will not make you feel soggy and frumpy; rather, you'll anxiously await a rainy day to show it all off!

Let's start with boots.  According to reviews, these may be best for women with small calves.  I like the simplicity and the slight wedge.

Target - $29.99

Need something a little more cheerful?  These get great reviews and provide some color on a dreary day.  They are made by the same folks who make my kids' snow boots, and they seem to stay warm and dry.

Kamik - $50

How about a trendy option?  You could wear these in rain or shine!  I love how un-clunky they are.  They're a perfect option for running around town in a shower, but not so perfect for trudging through mud.

Loeffler Randall - $150

And, just because they're awesome...

Tretorn - $75

Moving along to rain jackets.  This packable version is perfect for traveling, as well as for times when you go back and forth a lot from inside to out.  

Rain Forest - $177

This jacket has an amazing shape, and the pockets are cute AND functional!  Throw your money in one, your phone in another, and you can leave the purse at home to stay dry.  

Laundry by Shelli Segal - $160

This brand was recently introduced to me by a friend who sings its praises.  It has a very flattering silhouette, and it's great on a really cold, rainy day.  Keeps you warm and cozy.  

Helly Hansen - $92

Of course, as long as you have a cute umbrella, you can't go wrong with a classic camel trench to look stylish in the rain!

Loft - $128

How do you weather the storm in style?  I'd love to get more suggestions!

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