Friday, October 18, 2013


Happy Friday, everyone.  I'd sure like to be chipper and upbeat in today's post, but truth be told, I've got the blues.  Tragically, tonight is the absolute, final episode of What Not To Wear.  Ever.  I've known for a while that this season marks the show's last, but my preparation has failed to soften the blow.  What will I do without the sound advice of Stacy and Clinton to lean on when I'm working with clients?  What will I tweet about on Friday nights?  I guess I'll work through it and learn to get by on my own, but it won't be easy.

I shall miss you both. 

Seriously, though, I am disappointed to see the show end, but it had a great, decade-long run.  I know that Stacy and Clinton are both working on other, fascinating projects, and I wish them well.

I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode, but it could be fun to start from the beginning and watch again.  Anyone up for a WNTW marathon?

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