Monday, November 4, 2013


Booties? Shooties? What To Do-ties?

In the last few weeks, I've gotten a lot of questions about the very on-trend ankle boot, including the best color to purchase, how to style them casually, how to dress them up, and when to wear flat booties v. ones with heels.  Because there are so many different styles available and because they've stuck around long enough for me to believe they'll be around a while longer, I'm dedicating a whole week to the subject!  If you read all week, you will graduate an ankle boot expert.

First up, let's discuss the perfect pair to buy, assuming you can have only one pair in your closet.  I would suggest you go for a pair in black leather with a slightly chunky heel that adds a little height, but isn't too high.  A rounded toe and little-to-no "bling" will mean that you can reach for these with lots of different looks.  I am also not opposed to a slight platform.

The pair of booties I just described will look great with skinny jeans*, trouser or wide-leg jeans, skirts and dresses.  This pair is perfect for taking a fairly casual look up a notch and for making a potentially boring skirt and sweater option look a little more current.
*Few skinny jeans are narrow enough at the ankle to "tuck" into ankle boots, so if they're not a legging style, opt to roll the cuff to either meet the top of the bootie or show 1/2" of ankle.

Take a look at these combinations to get an idea of how to make these booties work for your wardrobe.

Booties with Skinny Jeans

Booties with wide-leg jeans

Booties with a dress

Stay tuned for more ankle boot talk tomorrow.  Happy Monday to you!

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