Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BOOTIES? SHOOTIES? WHAT TO DO-TIES? Styling the Flat Ankle Boot

My favorite ankle boots of all time - Freda Salvador Star Boot

It has been said that ankle boots can make your legs look short and your ankles look big.  It's a fact that a bit of a heel lengthens the legs.  Why in the world, then, would I write a post encouraging you to try out a flat ankle boot?  First of all, I think they're incredibly comfortable and warm (warm is good).  I also think the right pair can lend a little edge to an otherwise "blah" outfit.

There are a few rules to consider to be sure that you don't visually cut the leg in half:

1.  Don't try to tuck bootcut jeans into flat booties (or any booties), as it will lead to unsightly bunching, creating cankles that might not actually exist.  Conversely, if you are wearing the hem on the outside of the booties, be sure that it will lay flat, even when you're walking.

2.  If you're wearing skinny jeans, but they're not skinny enough to avoid major bunching (a little is ok), why don't you roll 'em up a bit?

3.  It's a good idea to match your boot color to your leg color.  So, if you're wearing black tights or leggings, try black booties.  When I wear booties with bare legs (and a skirt), I most often wear a pair in light tan suede, so it blends in with my pale, pasty legs!

Have I forgotten anything?  Probably.  So, for reference, here are some examples of great-looking ensembles with flat ankle boots!

Image courtesy of Freda Salvador :)

Image courtesy of Streetstyle Aesthetic/ Wayne Tippetts

Image via Sincerely,  Jules

Image via Chictopia (The Tall Blonde)

Image via Two Take on Style

Will you try them?


  1. Totally loving those ankle boots! They would be a favourite of mine as well. Love your blog girlie

    xo mel
    turquoise blonde

    1. Thanks so much for taking a look, Melanie! I appreciate it.