Friday, December 13, 2013


Does anyone want to know what's on my Christmas list?  Well, too bad--I'm telling you anyway.

Dear Santa
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1.  A very romantic range.  This is what I'm actually getting, and I couldn't be happier.  We've needed a new one for years, but it finally gave up last week.  It is scheduled to be delivered December 23rd.  Keep your fingers crossed, because if it's late, we'll be eating Chinese takeout for Christmas dinner.

2.  Fashion-related coffee table books - these in particular.  I read them and read them and read them, and I do not get tired of it.

3.  My feet are ice blocks as I type this.  I finally got rid of the super-warm down slippers I've had for years because they were being held together with duct tape.  Could someone please get me some new slippers?  Please.

4.  See #3.  More warmth for my feet from J.Crew.

5.  I really want this candle, but it's $60.  For a candle.  I'm not buying it, so I'm putting it on my list!

6 and 7.  I love all of Clare Vivier's amazing bags.  I love the shape of this suede tote, but isn't the silver/yellow combo awesome?  Good thing that color combo comes in a tote, too!

8.  If you haven't heard of fashionABLE, you should know about them.  They sell beautiful scarves and leather products handmade in Ethiopia.  They work with African women to help start small business cooperatives, so every purchase creates sustainable business in Africa.  I love the Seble scarf (named after one of the women who has benefitted from the organization).

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. New (civilized) pajamas from Garnet Hill and The Big Book of Style by Miles Redd. Coffee table books and nice PJs are def on the list of things I don't normally buy for myself!

  2. Lesley, I made the switch to "civilized" pi's this summer, and it was a good move! Hope you get everything you ask for!

  3. I love everything by Clare Vivier! Great picks! Also wouldn't mind another Diptyque candle :)

    The Style Scribe