Thursday, May 15, 2014


Reader, Ginna, told me that one of her go-to pieces for Spring and Summer is a maxi (skirt or dress), but she's in a bit of a rut on styling them.  If there's a chill in the air, she likes to add a denim jacket (good call), but otherwise she just throws on a t-shirt or tank top.  She asked for some suggestions on ways to liven up the look, and I'm happy to do it!

Look 1:  Add a chambray button-down.

It serves a similar purpose as a denim jacket, but it's lightweight.  Leave it open or tie it in a knot at the waist.  Consider adding a little color with accessories, if your clothing palette is neutral.

Look 2:  With a cargo vest.

I wore this combination yesterday!  Is the cargo jacket becoming ubiquitous?  Yes.  Do I still love it?  Yes.  It just adds a casual layer of interest to the outfit without adding a lot of bulk or heat.

Look 3:  Wear gingham.

Maxi with Gingham Top

Like the chambray top, this style can be worn open, over a camisole, or it can be buttoned, tied at the waist, and sleeves rolled.  I think this is a great summery look, and the slightly edgier shoes and accessories keep it from looking too "Mary Ann."  (You know, from Gilligan's Island.)

Look 4:  It's ok to just wear a t-shirt.

There's nothing wrong with wearing a simple t-shirt, but an eye-catching design on the maxi skirt will make the outfit look more thoughtful.  I am feeling this floral one!

Look 5:  It speaks for itself.

Maxi Speaks for Itself

If you find a stunner of a dress, don't worry too much about what to put with it.  Let it do the talking by adding simple, understated neutrals.  

What are your favorite maxi skirt/dress combos?  Is the maxi a wardrobe go-to for you, or do you prefer a little less material? 

As a personal stylist in Richmond, VA, I strive to make wardrobe choices clear and easy for women who are short on time, overwhelmed by their closets, or transitioning from one period of life to another.  Let's connect! 

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