Friday, August 8, 2014


I guess, a long time ago, rich people didn't want to mess up their very expensive shoes while pushing the pedals of their very expensive cars, so they bought another relatively expensive pair of shoes to keep in said car, specifically for pushing said pedals.  At least, that's how the story has always played out in my mind.   The more I think about it, though, the more sense it makes.

Car Shoe - $296

Safety First.  It really is hard to drive in heels.  I often find myself taking them off and driving barefoot, which I've learned is NOT illegal but IS frowned upon, because it makes it pretty easy for your foot to slip.  Additionally, the heels end up on the floorboard and I find myself kicking them out from under my feet/the pedals often.  Clearly not safe.  I'm guilty of wearing flip-flops and sandals while driving, but it's pretty easy to see how that could be dangerous.

Land's End - $25

Fashion Next.  Wearing your fab heels and pointed-toe flats to drive will quickly scuff the heel and the toe.  We simply can't have that.

Coach - $99

Conclusion: You need driving shoes.  Judge Joanna rules that you MUST have a great pair of flat, rounded-toe, comfortable, driving shoes.  You may wear them when you're not driving, as well, but don't forget to put them back in the car when you take them off.  You may already have a good candidate in your closet.  Doubtful, though…you should probably get to shopping!

Cole Haan - $90

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