Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Wrapping up the Pinnys today is the award for Best Fashion Pinner(s).  This one is hard.  There are lots of great folks on Pinterest who enjoy fashion, and I get so much inspiration from the things that inspire them.  There are fashion magazines and people in the biz with access to lots of incredible designer looks and street style awesomeness, stylists who pin inspirational looks, complete with advice on how to make it more do-able for the average gal, and bloggers who pin their own incredible looks.  So, how can I choose a winner?  However I want, I guess.

Joie FW13 from Stacy London's Pinterest Board

Stacy London - Whenever I am asked why I decided to become a personal stylist, I have to give some credit to this no-nonsense, no-BS, knows-her-stuff, style expert.  I watched What Not To Wear from beginning to sad, sad end, I've read every article and book she has written, and I can't get enough.  Not only is she super-stylish and knowledgable, but she has a way with people that puts them at ease, makes them laugh, and makes them happy to be who they are.  That is no small feat.  I expected to find great fashion on her Pinterest boards, and I was right!  I especially love to see the fashion that inspires her (because who knew she was inspired…I just thought she was the inspiration).  And it's not surprising that she has amazing taste in art and home decor.  Quick -- somebody come up with a new form of social media.  I need more Stacy London.

From The Style Scribe's Pinterest Board

Merritt Beck - The impeccably stylish gal behind the Dallas-based blog, The Style Scribe, is a must-follow!  I read a lot of style blogs, but there are only a few that I read every single day.  This is one of them.  Her Pinterest boards give me a quick fix of her great style finds (I love to browse her Recent Purchases board), and they let me in on a little of her life beyond fashion.  Some of the things she blogs about and posts on Pinterest are more in the "a girl can dream" category, but it's not all designer and completely-out-of-budget.   I find her personal style to be very relatable.  She's also a master at finding good sales, and you know I love a good sale.

Who do you follow on Pinterest?  I'm always looking for inspiration.

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