Monday, February 3, 2014


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to spend some time answering your burning questions, and Laura recently emailed me with a good one.

"Did Kate Middleton really bring back pantyhose?"  

Before I respond, let me say that I am only talking about sheer stockings.  I LOVE opaque tights in the fall and winter.  I find them cute, warm, and comfortable, so carry on!

"Pantyhose," also called stockings and nylons, have been voted out of fashion's must-wear list in the last 20-30 years.  As a young girl, I couldn't wait until the day that my mom would let me wear pantyhose and a kitten heel to church!  Of course, when the day came, I couldn't wait to get home from church to ditch the hose.  I am not a fan.  Besides the fact that I always, ALWAYS got a run in them the very first time I wore them (waste of money), I find them to be incredibly uncomfortable around my waist and terribly hot.  Unless I have a job that requires them, I hope to never put on another pair of pantyhose in my life…with two exceptions…which I will get to shortly.

Having said all of that, I think you will find that there is, maybe, a 60/40 split on the pantyhose issue.  60% probably don't care for them, but 40% wear them, love them, and will try to talk you into wearing them, and here's why.  Pantyhose do a great job of hiding any imperfections in your legs, a good light control top can hide unsightly lumps and bumps in lightweight summer materials, and they can sometimes prevent static cling.  And Kate Middleton wears them.  All good reasons to give them a try, if you're up for it.

If you are on board, here's my opinion on how to choose a pair.  It's generally pretty evident when someone is wearing pantyhose.  You're not fooling anyone into thinking your legs are the color of your dated "suntan" pantyhose.  So, why not just make it obvious?  For work, go for a very sheer (20-ish denier) black.

If black doesn't work, consider a nude micro fishnet (exception #1 for me).  Stop rolling your eyes.  MICRO fishnet.  You can barely see the pattern, but it's just a modern take on a nude stocking.  I think it's perfectly office appropriate, but decide for yourself.

Oroblu "Tricot" Fishnet Tights - $19.50
If you need a little more control at the top, Spanx makes a pair that might do the trick.

For evening, I love the look of sheer black hose with a back seam detail (exception #2) for me.  It's sexy and classic.  Count me in.

Nordstrom $11

So, Laura, did Kate bring back the sheer hose?  She hasn't totally convinced me, but it seems she's convincing a lot of other folks.  What side do you all choose:  hose or no hose?

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