Thursday, September 25, 2014


The rain and dreary weather has me feeling really lazy.  I'm trying hard to keep that laziness away from how I dress, but the motivation to create stylish looks is lagging right now.  An easy solution?  All black!  I've sung the praises of all black looks recently, but a great, big perk of an all black ensemble is that it looks totally chic with absolutely no brain power required!  Rain, shine, any season…it works!  Here's what I wore yesterday.  I was ready to go in about 5 minutes, and I received 5 compliments on my outfit (yes, I counted).

OK, so the boots aren't black.  But rain boots were a must yesterday, and that's all I have!  I was ok throwing a little green in the mix.  

What is your go-to rainy day outfit?  

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