Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Off topic today, but wow!  I'm really naive!  Let me set the stage:

The other evening when my husband got home from work, my daughter and I, in an attempt to make cleaning fun, were dancing around and belting out Meghan Trainor's pop hit "All About That Bass."  He was shocked that I was singing such an "inappropriate" song with our young kids, but I argued that he must have misinterpreted the meaning of the song.  He informed me that there's really no way to misinterpret it -- it's pretty straightforward.  After a little more discussion, I realized that he wasn't misinterpreting, but instead misunderstanding the lyrics.  Ha ha!  Silly Phillip with his mind in the gutter!  But it's easy to see how one might think Meghan was saying "booty," rather than "beauty."  In fact, I told him, the message is a really great one for impressionable, young girls:

"My mama, she told me don't worry about your size
She said boys like the girls for the beauty they hold inside"

Isn't that nice?  I thought so…until I heard the song the other day for the first time NOT ON THE DISNEY CHANNEL!!

I stand corrected.  Good grief.  I'm pretty gullible, it's true, but come on, Disney!  I appreciate your changing a word or two here and there, so that my kids can listen to popular music without the bad words.  And maybe (maybe) the overall message of this song is positive (??)  But if a song is basically about dudes liking big butts, maybe you can just leave that one off your playlist altogether.  Yes?

Having said that, it sure is a fun song in any version.  I especially like this Jimmy Fallon/Roots/classroom instruments version:

And by the way, apparently my 8-year-old knows the booty version.  I'm always the last to know.

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