Thursday, September 4, 2014


I get emails from fashion blogs and magazines multiple times a day, with links to dozens of articles, features, and other pieces.  I know that they have lots of people on staff writing for them, but it just amazes me that they can come up with so much material.  I always think there will be a day when they all just run out of things to discuss.  Yesterday, when I got an email from with a link to an article about Willy Wonka's style, I thought that the day had finally come.  It's just too much of a stretch.  But, I read on, and it was actually worth reading.

Lucky's Hillary McDaniels took the opportunity to recognize the 50th birthday of Roald Dahl's book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by turning it in to a pretty clever style bit.  Using scenes from both the 1971 and 2005 movie versions, she showed readers how the characters' styles can be translated to today's fashion trends.

Willy (Gene) wore "bold florals and bright jacket" that are perfect this fall.


Willy (Johnny) wore Prada-esque sunglasses.


The "Violet Beauregard turns into a blueberry" scene was used to highlight lots of lovely blue clothing and beauty products.


Veruca Salt was likened to Twiggy, and most hilariously, they described 1971 Charlie Bucket's style as "normcore."  Some, of course, is a bit of a stretch, but all in all, pretty spot on!

Not mentioned?  Willy's top hat!  I'm pretty sure Pharrell Williams has that one covered.

This crocheted version available on Etsy!
Read and shop the article here.

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